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Pre-Treatment Instructions for Laser Hair Removal

Thank you for choosing The Laser Center. In order to provide you with the best possible service and maximum benefit of treatment please be sure to read these pre-treatment instructions carefully. Failure to comply with these instructions may affect your treatment outcome and increase the likelihood or severity of complications. We are confident that, if you follow these instructions, you will be exceptionally pleased with the results of your treatments.

1. Please follow all guidelines in the Laser Hair Removal consent form. Discuss your medical history, and make sure to list any medications, allergies, etc. with the technician.

2. Do not use any medication that causes photosensitivity for at least 6 weeks prior to laser treatments.

3. Avoid sun tanning or sunless tanning products for as long as possible (at least 4-6 weeks) before laser treatments.

4. Avoid depilatory creams, plucking, waxing or electrolysis for at least 6 weeks before laser treatments.

5. Do not use Accutane (or products containing isotretinoin) for at least 6 months prior to laser treatments.

6. Do not use Retin-A (or products containing tretinoin) for at least 2 weeks prior to laser treatments.

7. The treatment area must be free of any open sores, lesions, or skin infections.

On the day of your appointment:

1. Shave the area to be treated. If the hair in the treatment area is very sparse, please let us trim this at the time of your treatment as this allows us to better define the treatment area.

2. Gently wash the area to be treated and do not apply any creams, lotions or other products to the area except a topical anesthetic (if being used).

3. If you have elected to use a topical anesthetic, do so only after reviewing all cautions associated with its use. Apply and use as directed prior to arrival.

4. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment and 10 minutes early for subsequent appointments. This will allow time for necessary paperwork and keep you on schedule. Please be on time for your appointments.

5. If you need to cancel or reschedule, we require that you contact us at least 48 hours in advance.

6. Since we book 2-3 hours for “Full Body” sessions, you may be required to make a $50.00 deposit for reserve your appointment time. Cancellation or rescheduling of your appointment with less than 48 hours notice will result in forfeiture of this deposit.

7. Please note our cancellation or rescheduling policy for standard “per area” appointments less than 48 hours in advance result in a $25 cancellation fee.

8. Please call or email us if you have any questions or concerns. We want you to pleased with the services you receive at The Laser Place.

Post Treatment Instructions

1. What to expect after the treatment: Immediately after treatment, there may be mild redness and swelling at the treatment site, which can last up to 2 hours or more. The redness may last 2-3 days. The area may feel like a sunburn for a few hours after the treatment. If necessary, apply ice in 15-20 minute intervals for first few hours after treatment to reduce any discomfort or swelling. Aloe Vera gel may also be applied. Within the first 2 weeks of the treatment the hair will appear like new growth and then will begin to shed. If necessary after 7 days gently shave or cut those hairs as they shed (do not wax, thread, tweeze, electrolysis or use any depilatories on the treated site).

2. Make up may be applied immediately following the treatment, but it is recommended to use new makeup to reduce any possibilities or irritation or infections.

3. Avoid sun exposure for two weeks following the treatment (and two weeks prior to treatment) to reduce the chance of hyperpigmentation. Use sunscreen (SPF 30 or greater) at all times throughout the course of treatment.

4. Avoid picking or scratching of the treated skin - wash gently using a mild soap.

5. Do not use any other hair removal treatment products or services (waxing, electrolysis or tweezing) that will disturb the hair follicle in the treatment area. Shaving or cutting the hair can be performed after 7 days.

6. Gently wash the treated area and pat dry for 3 days after treatment. Do not scrub.

7. If necessary, at the 4th day, gently scrub the treated area to exfoliate and help the hair shed by washing or wiping the area with a wet cloth or loofa sponge.

8. For underarm treatment use powder instead of deodorant for 24 hours after the treatment to reduce skin irritation.

9. There are no restrictions on bathing except to treat the skin gently, as if you had a sunburn, for the first 24 hours.

10. Avoid irritants such as products containing glycolic acid or Retin-A in the area for 5-7 days.

11. If minor epidermal blistering occurs a triple antibiotic cream may be applied. If this should happen, please contact our office immediately for further instructions.

At the next visit, it is important for the patient to let the practitioner know how long the redness lasted after treatment and when significant hair growth was noticed in the area. Also let us know if there were any other skin irritations. This info will allow the practitioner to individualize treatments to achieve.

Feel free to call our office for any questions you may have regarding the treatment at (718)507-1921 or email