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I would like to first welcome you to Queens Laser and Electrolysis Hair Removal, where looking your best at an affordable cost is our priority!! I personally used to have an enormous amount of hair growth which embarrassed me to the extreme that I wouldn't wear anything above than my ankles. “Shorts” were not in my vocabulary. I used to dread the summer and beach season since I was too embarrassed to show off my legs, let alone my bikini. My legs had those horrible dark spots no matter how close I shaved. I started getting ugly ingrown hairs all over my bikini and legs from the constant shaving and waxing. About 10 years ago, I heard about laser hair removal and how it works great for dark hair as well as ingrowns. I decided to try the laser hair removal procedure on my bikini, and decided if it worked I would move on to my legs. The results were amazing! Within the first 2 or 3 treatments, I noticed that the hair was about 50% gone and those dark ingrown spots were beginning to clear up. I noticed that I didn't have to shave too often. After a few treatments on my bikini, I decided to move on to my Legs. I remember paying an arm and a leg for the treatments, but it was something I wanted to get done so though I was spending most of my paycheck on the sessions, I was at least happy that my legs were looking much smoother and clearer. Ten years later, I am absolutely amazed that I don't need to shave. Summer comes and I am eager to put on that bikini and head to the beach.

Though I was happy with my results, I felt as though the clinic I went to was not the most professional place. Because they were so busy, I sometimes had to wait up to 2 hours past my appointment time before finally being seen. I remember rushing to the office for a 9am appointment hoping to be at work by 10:30am only to be seen and treated at 11am, and late for work. Not only that, but the technicians would not be sensitive to my treatment. It was more of a “get the client in and out” type of environment. Considering I was getting my bikini treated, I didn’t appreciate the “robot” type morale of that specific establishment’s technicians.

But good has come from my experience at that high-end laser center. Because I have lived through the embarrassment of those unsightly hairs, I thrive on helping others who are going through what I went through regain the confidence that is within their reach. This is what sets my hair removal office aside from most others. I took what I would change from my experience and applied it to my center. Each client is treated as a person and is provided individualized treatments based on their specific growth, texture, etc of hair. We don’t rush anyone in and out. Clients are able to ask as many questions as they would like so that they are as comfortable as possibly as they begin their sessions. We are in a private office where the general public does not see you and wonder what you are getting treated. Everything is completely confidential and private. We take it a step further and try our best not to make clients wait. Not only do we know that as New Yorkers we are all too busy to wait hours for a 9am appointment only to be seen at 11am. By eliminating waiting time, we don't have a waiting area full of people, providing utmost privacy for this intimate treatment. (We ask our clients to be on time so we can continue the low-wait period). Finally, we do all of this at an affordable rate where are clients are not asked to spend their entire earnings to look good. Because I have been through the frustration of working a full time job, being a student and paying bills, spending all of my hard earned money was extremely difficult (I spent $3650 on 6 sessions of just my legs!). Therefore, as I opened my laser hair removal center, one of my objectives was to provide every patient with an affordable solution that they would be happy with. I make all of this possible by relying on client recommendations and online reviews. I feel that rather than charge clients massive prices for their treatment, I would rather offer an unbeatable discounted price and have them refer friends and family. You, as my patient benefit from a high quality, affordable, permanent solution for hair removal and we are able to continue to provide the same great treatment for others else.

Feel free to contact me personally with any questions or suggestions you may have at


Sapna Tecksingani